Louder Than Dirt: Howdy Folks!

Louder Than Dirt is a really good rock band based out of Atlanta. We’ve been together for a good while, and we are preparing to release our second CD of original material, to be entitled Madness and Morals, on Bottom Floor Records. Here’s our official bio:

Louder Than Dirt:

The Authorized Biography


DK started playing seriously with the Lawsky brothers in the spring of 2005, both Adam and Joseph played drums, and the two-drummers attack was way cool. But Adam was too good a keyboard player—a classically trained pianist who could really play the blues—to stay behind a drum kit. And Joseph could more than hold his own as the rhythm master: a power drummer with unusual taste and dynamic control. With the addition of Julian Phillips in 2010, Louder Than Dirt was formed. Julian, an excellent guitar player and front man, has brought a new world of guitaristic flash with rock-solid bottom to the bass. The rhythm section provides both a strong foundation and sufficient space to support DK’s orchestral guitar stylings. DK’s songwriting encompasses the full range of popular music of the post-World War II era: blues, country, R&B, British Invasion, pysychedelia, punk, grunge, funk and beyond. Mostly just big, hard-driving rock. The quartet of lead singers and multi-instrumentalists creates an astonishing variety and sheer quantity of sound. This versatile group combines the profundity of poetry with the absolute joy of a kick-ass rock and roll show. Louder Than Dirt is a team that really knows how to have a good time. Creativity, Integrity, Loudness: better than silence, Louder Than Dirt.

This post is composed by DK, and I expect that I’ll do most of the writing. I propose to provide commentary for the songs on the new CD. The CD won’t go on sale until December, but the tunes should go online, at least in smallish samples, before then. So hopefully, the posts will become demystified soon enough.

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