Madness and Morals: DK covers it all — finally!

It kind of bums me out (DK here) that blogs are displayed in reverse chronological order since a post often refers to the preceding one.  Nevertheless, let’s refer away.  In the last post I tried to survey Madness and Morals as a whole and instead ended up surveying my (boring) biography.  What I love about blogs is that they allow for what some people might consider a degeneracy: a public self-reflection.  Like many (song)writers, I have done the journal thing for years, and it’s both therapeutic and artistically productive to reflect, complain, worry, rhapsodize, and expose guilty feelings in writing.  New(ish) technology allows that sort of thing to made public, a fact that strikes some as both a threat to privacy and a massive new wave of narcissism—Google-Facebook and reality TV.  The fact is, as Continue reading

Madness & Morals: DK bares his soul

DK here.  These pages are supposed to be devoted to Louder Than Dirt, but in typical DK fashion I have made them about me.  Hopefully I won’t neglect my dear co-workers in the sonic vineyard.

What do I want to say about Madness and Morals?  First I want to say that what I’ve been saying in these pages is an attempt to tell the truth, not to promote.  So there is a complication and indeed a conflict within me: the conflict of artistic and commercial motives.  Well, my commercial motives are virtually nil; I’m long past the desire to be rich and famous.  Now cynics in the world will remain unpersuaded, but I’ve never really had Continue reading

All the Lyrics of Madness and Morals!

Madness and Morals   lyrics

1. Suspicions

Well you came home late mighty drunk last night

You weren’t walking right you weren’t talking right

When you started in asking me where I been

Ain’t no lawyer gonna fix the fix that you’re in

There’s a stranger’s voice message on my phone

When you’re sleeping baby I can hear you moan

Paranoia just won’t leave me alone

What I said what you said plant the doubting seed

In my head in your head all suspicions breed and they feed

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DK goes song-by-song thru Madness and Morals: STF

“STF” is the Parental Advisory song on Madness and Morals.  Sorry.  It’s always something.  The refrain, which gives the songs its title, is “Shoot that f—– where he stands.”  Consequently, I intone the f-word 10 or 12 or 16 times throughout the piece.  Honestly, I think it’s more shocking that I vow to shoot somebody all those times than that I should use a forbidden word.  In any case, I feel I must shoulder the responsibility of justifying abusive language and reference to violence in the happy little pop tunes that make up Madness and Morals and in much of popular culture.

I recently took my daughter, who is 14, to see Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, which I found an excellent adaptation of one of my favorite novels.  In one scene, a young woman is shot dead as part of the torture of an English intelligence officer captured by the Soviets.  This event, a horrible shock in the film, is not in the novel, as I recall.  I felt bad about putting my sensitive young daughter through that shock and expressed my regret after the movie.  My daughter, with surprising wisdom, replied, “Well you know, in movies you have to show. . . .”  not just tell.  And I realized that we accept violence in art so long as it is integrated into the artwork and not just an optional extra.  This fact has been established for quite a while, Continue reading