All the Lyrics of Madness and Morals!

Madness and Morals   lyrics

1. Suspicions

Well you came home late mighty drunk last night

You weren’t walking right you weren’t talking right

When you started in asking me where I been

Ain’t no lawyer gonna fix the fix that you’re in

There’s a stranger’s voice message on my phone

When you’re sleeping baby I can hear you moan

Paranoia just won’t leave me alone

What I said what you said plant the doubting seed

In my head in your head all suspicions breed and they feed

I got explanations coming out of my ears

You got a velvet tongue gonna soothe my fears

Try to make your move try to slip on past

You’re gonna land in the street and bump your sweet ass

You can cry and whisper you can bill and coo

You can shriek and scream and you can cry boo hoo

You won’t win an oscar for the act you do

What I said &c.

2. Criminal Character

While I lurk in the darkness watch the diversions in light

I alter up my appearance identity to disguise

I step off from the reason the rule and the right

I like the criminal character of my enterprise

I spoke to a woman so rich young and chic

She held the criminal element highly to prize

She said open your mouth speak out loud don’t be meek

I like the criminal character of your enterprise

You got energy enough to fight and shake off the dead

When the blood starts to flow and the rhythm to rise

You got to follow your feet you’ve got to follow your head

Follow the criminal character of your enterprise

Detective T Sour Detective T Sweet

Ask me all of your questions I’ll tell you no lies

Ask me your questions Death Angel if ever we meet

I like the criminal character of your enterprise

3. Beloved Tease

Lay my bike on its side

Lose my place where I ride

Gravity’s so unkind

All that stays on my mind

Beloved tease

I been crushed I’ve been blind

I’ve been snuffed I’ve been grind

For relief what I do

Let my thoughts turn to you and your

Beloved tease

Lay my bike on its side

Pavement tears off my hide

Here I lie on the ground

Think of what’s soft and round

Beloved tease

4. Bacteria

There are folks you know

Who waste their lives avoiding every little germ

How they will regret it

When the moment of their death shall come to term

These washings of the feet

A pool of life deplete

You can’t live at all without bacteria

Elemental numbers made them small

Every living thing calls for bacteria

Bacteria hey hey

All around the breakfast

See the buttermilk the yogurt and the cheese

Saprophytic workers

Call the thunder-hurler’s vulture to his feast

The genius for his muse

The spirochete will use

You can’t live &c.

Blessed be the creatures

Who genetic substance generously trade

Blessed be the heat

That bursts the seedpod far beneath the light of day

You can’t deny what is

A metamorphosis

You can’t &c.

5. Half in Two

You split me half in two now baby cut me off from myself

Sent half of me to heaven baby sent half of me to hell

Split me half in two now baby don’t know how to act don’t know what to do

You sucked out the best part of my life oh you split me half in two

Tied me up in circles babe got me going round and round

Tangled up like a hoop snake baby that’s rolling on the ground

Tied me up in circles baby and I can’t what’s last from first

Don’t know which way is up no more tied me up in circles

Lash me to a rock made vultures eat my guts

Everything is a punishment you just can’t get enough

Stab me in the eye put a bullet in my back

Make me crucified then you wish me good luck

You split me half in two now baby I’m one half false and one half true

North and south are just directions now oh you split me half in two

6. STF

You keep telling me I can’t

You don’t know me well enough

I start dropping things when you talk like that

Everybody has got their stuff

I don’t listen to no demand

I shoot that fhyouquhar where he stands

I fell out with the Boston boys

Worst racists outside the south

They laughed first when they called me down

I laughed last when I called them out

I took the law into my own hand

I shoot that &c

Everywhere I look is a vision of hell

Broke up skulls broke up leg bones

Saw a woman’s face looked like an empty shell

Nothing can be seen if it ain’t been shown

There’s a pestilence all upon this land

I shoot that &c

7. For Certain

Where does that tree begin and end

What was the cause of the Crimean War

What was it that you said I need reminding of

I can’t say for certain that you’ll never know

I’m pretty sure I’m not my mother

I’m pretty sure I’m not my father

I’m pretty sure I’m not the president

I can’t say &c.

Long time ago somebody spoke it

Long time ago somebody wrote it

They wrote it down in Aramaic into Greek

I can’t say &c.

8. Pretty Fire (Furry)

Fade to black

But see the image frozen on the screen

Takes me back

To the dirty forest

To the dirty playground

To the dirty primal furry scene

I want to turn back the line that I crossed

I want to be obliterated buggered beaten maimed

I want to watch at the keyhole I lost

I want to play the old forbidden game

I’ve outgrown

The stupid tricks I followed where they led

On my own

I learned to scratch the pebbles

I learned to scratch the pavement

I learned to scratch my skin until it bled

I want to drown in the creek in my back yard

I want to take a boat ride with my old vacation friends

I want to find where that dark river starts

I want find out where that river ends

Down my throat

Never kiss me any other way

Skin the goat

Let the blood go running

Let blood go steaming

Burn the fat and throw the meat away

I want to sulk where the grape tangles grow

Light my cigarette upon the sacrificial pyre

I want to write words that nobody knows

Throw my paper on the pretty fire

9. Polytoxic

Dearest Mister Flower your message is received

Wherein you pledge your love to me

Eternally so faithfully obsessively relentlessly

I do not like that other world


There’s no sin but saying and saying that you’ve sinned

Giving in to the voices

That say too much and not enough and not enough and say too much


I do not like that other world


10. Patience on Approval

You hate to wait for the telephone line

Don’t leave no message on the voice machine

Don’t get an answer you will sure enough get enrage

Then you talk when there ain’t nobody there

You hear evil angels hang in the air

And you swat kick and thrash like a pony

On a loco weed

Patience on approval

Why don’t you stand out for some patience on approval

You sent 12 SUVs go screaming to hell

And 40 red lights flaming after them

The way drive make sober judge drunk with shame

Ah you’re crazy in that Korean car

And you wish you weren’t wherever you are

On the fast lane to perfect fulfillment

Get me out of there

Patience on &c.

You say now come on baby make me feel good

You saying make me feel good yesterday

Would you feel good if I could always return the same

Stead of freaking like the victim of crime

Why don’t you try just to have a good time

Is there drug drink or deep meditation

That’ll get you right

Patience on &c.

11. Disco Superman (Michel Foucault)

Panopticon and the controlling gaze

Uses of pleasure since the classical age

The village idiot playing curds and cream

Madness and morals in the abstract machine

Go head on disco superman

Deployment of sexuality

Archive and archeology

A private room and a public bath

Homo superior is where it’s at

Go head on &c.

Power over or power to

12. I’m Hurting

I’m hurting I’m hurting

I’m hurting all the time

Must be paying for a terrible crime

I’m hurting

I’m crying I’m crying

I don’t want you to see me cry

Do me a favor now and say goodbye

I’m crying


Just think about your most frustrated moment

Think about the pain the rage the shame

Now think about that moment ever after

It just keeps on coming back

It just keeps on coming back

It just keeps on coming back just the same

I’m lonely I’m lonely

Even when there’s people around

I feel like throwing my face on the ground

I’m lonely

Just think about your most glorious moment

When happiness and joy and pleasure reigned

Now think about that moment gone forever

It’s never coming back

It’s never coming back

It’s never coming back never again

13. Marche Pacifiste


14. He Ain’t Here

He done split the scene he done tripped the wire

He done exit left he done open fire

He done flown the coop he done hit and run

He done flashed the pan he done gone gone

So stop your wishful thinking he ain’t here

He done cashed his chips he done paid his tab

He done grabbed his coat he done called a cab

He done bailed it out he done hit the silk

He done shot his wad he done spilt the milk

So stop &c.

Sweetheart tell me who you’re waiting for

He ain’t coming round about no more

So stop &c.

Sweetheart tell &c.

15. Cigarette

You been smoking that cigarette

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