I (DK y’know) listen to Madness and Morals all the time.  Driving in my car, performing mundane tasks, after rehearsing, or finding an unoccupied hour, I slip on the headphones and enjoy the tunes.  Ostensibly this activity aims to subject the work to critical analysis, to discover opportunities for improvement.  But as soon as the opening chords to “Suspicions” hit, Pong Pong Kaponk Ponk, I escape into a world of pleasure.  Now, there is in this world horror and conflict aplenty, along with laughter, doubt, and craving, but because I have escaped into this alternative universe, I experience these feelings without the practical costs that usually accompany them.  And when it is over, every time, I say, “Ah!  That was good!”  Later, I tell my friends (usually my bandmates), “You know, the guitar solo that ends ‘Bacteria’ is really spectacular.”  And I am a little embarrassed to praise myself in this way, but only a little.  While I’m listening, I’m not playing that solo or even remembering playing that solo.  It’s as if it’s some other guy.  And if I’m arrogant, the Continue reading