DK goes song-by-song through Twirling Like a Hurricane: No Easy Way

Hi, Dirtbags!

Long time no blog!  DK here, full of cheery cheeriness because Louder Than Dirt just finished a new CD.  This one’s an EP, I guess: about 19 minutes of music against the, what, 45 minutes that comprised Madness and Morals.  It’s called Twirling Like a Hurricane.  We decided to spend three or four months to put out 6 or 9 songs instead of over a year for 16.  Since we know that every song is great, we like the idea of presenting fewer songs at a time so that each gets the attention that it deserves.  I predict that in four or five months we’ll put out another short CD.  I say CD: we’re not going to press this one in plastic, and we’re going with a pay-what-you-want-to-pay scheme for distribution at  I’m very proud of this EP, and I’m incontinently proud of the group that made it.  Maybe after I go into some detail about the various songs I will attempt some generalities about how this record surpasses in quality even its excellent predecessors, but first I do want to talk about the songs, starting with the opener, No Easy Way. Continue reading