DK goes song-by-song thru Twirling Like a Hurricane: Auditory Man

Yo! DK again. In the last post I made a claim that I expect readers to view skeptically, namely, that I am not praising myself when I praise a song I have written or a part I have played. Honestly, Dear Reader, it’s critical judgment, not boasting. Auditory Man is a very good song, so I guess it follows that whoever wrote it is a good songwriter. I don’t really believe it. I mean, I think I’m a good songwriter, but it’s is not really true that the song or the part is the result of what the creator of it has put into it. I know this to be the case with improvised solo, of which Auditory Man provides an excellent example. Quite simply, while I’m playing the part, I’m just thinking about the part. I’m not thinking about a critical judgment—my own or anybody else’s—that might arise weeks, months, or years later. And to be fully sincere, the guitar solo that we kept in Auditory Man was one instance (yes, the best instance, in my judgment) of many attempts (many “takes” in studio jargon) at that improvised solo. I did probably thirty takes of that solo, and the one that I selected as best made it on to the album. So note the two correctives to my arrogance: first, that it took me thirty tries, and second, that an unsympathetic critic might sneer, “That’s the best you could do?” But the primary factor is that while I’m making all those attempts, I’m not Continue reading